For Wild Dreamer

Practioners Only

  • What is your Wildest dream for your business?

  • Do you want to carry nourishing services and products without breaking the bank?

  • Do you want your clients to buy your unforgettable products instead of someone else's?

  • Want to increase your profit margin by at least 40% each month?

  • Do you want to diversify and grow your business with new revenue streams?

  • Do you want more client loyalty?

  • Do you want to have your business analyzed and compared to your competitors so you can better understand market trends and get an individualized marketing plan to better meet your clients' needs?

Make Your Wildest Dream Come True TODAY!

Wildling Botanicals

Services Offered

  • Free Consultation with a Holistic Brand Revenue Strategist

  • Coaching in business operations development

  • Taking a hard look at the numbers (Profit & Loss Statement)

  • Strategy session to set income goals

  • Marketing Packages starting at $349

  • Education session with a Wildling Herbs Specialist on natural ingredient sourcing

  • Wilding Botanicals partners with Wildling Herbs. Wildling Herbs is a family-owned company and natural ingredient supplier. Their products include teas, tinctures, plants, flowers, and carrier oils. Teaming with Wildling Herbs gives you the ability to create a product that only YOU can supply to your client.